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It is impossible to create a successful event without considering every single element in the room: décor; flowers; lighting; music; cuisine and timing;, among dozens of other facets. It all has to relate and there must be a definite focal point or the elements will conflict with each other. The vision for all our events is derived from the wishes of our clients and the imagination of our team of creative professionals. All our events are completely different because they capture the personalities of our clients. Nothing is as magical as the moment our client enters the room and realizes that we've created so much more than they have dreamed.

Event décor provides a beautiful setting for your wedding or event. Whether elegant, fantastic, funky or fun, decorations will add a sense of festivity to the event…they also add your personality to the event.

  • Selection of Theme
  • Design of Tables
    • Linen Selections
    • Chair and or Chair Cover Selections
    • Floral Designs for Centerpieces
    • China, Silverware and Glass Selections
    • Place Cards
    • Table Numbers
  • Foliage Throughout the Room
  • Theme Props
  • Lighting Packages
  • Custom Ice Sculptures
  • Entertainment
  • Fireworks
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