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Thank You to the "A" Team....It Takes A Village to Create an Amazing Wedding

I am known for writing "handwritten thank you notes" and I love finding cute and neat cards to write those notes on .....Home Goods loves me. Each time I went to write a note to each of you I didn't know how to start and to thank you for everything you did for Kasey, Curtis as well as our family. I love working with each of you on the weddings and events that I plan but I so loved what you did for my daughter and Curtis. You guys are not only amazing but you "ROCK"!!!!

What an amazing weekend we had for our daughter's wedding Kasey and Curtis Schneider at the Oyster Farm Seafood Eatery one year ago on August 18th!

As a planner I never take complete credit for my events and weddings. I am only as success as my takes a village of incredible vendors/wedding/event professionals to produce, manage and coordinate the amazing weddings that our couples dream of and expect. I pride myself on the relationships/friendships that I have created throughout the years. Through these relationships I also have the most amazing friends that care deeply about their couples who are my clients. Passion comes deep inside and it shows through our work and commitment to produce the most amazing weddings and events. My daughter's wedding was one of the amazing events that this team produced one year ago!

We planned the wedding for 11 months but we had challenges on the day of. Our day started out gorgeous with a 0 percent chance of rain. Did we need our weather plan...we didn't think so but an hour before the ceremony..the weather took a turn for the worst and the only one that was in control was God. Hurricane winds and extreme rains challenged the amazing "A" team of wedding professionals lead by Barbara Anderson owner of Style Events. Everyone worked together when weather plan A & B were not going to work and then we had plan C.

Kasey and Curtis were calm and enjoyed every moment of their day.

We are so grateful and appreciative for all the incredible wedding professional/friends that helped create an incredible day for Kasey and Curtis.

Pouring down rain and hurricane winds were our challenge but everyone worked together to make it perfect. Perfect it was!!!!

We thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Grant & Deb Photographers.....I love how you ask your clients do you want good or AMAZING photos? Of course they all want AMAZING but the photo at sunset is STUNNING. Thank you so much for this photo on a day full of weather rained, it poured and we had the perfect sunset...that was not in our control but in Gods. The photography of both the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding were amazing. My mother comments that the photo of Kasey, Curtis and Daylee at Sunset should be on the cover of a magazine!!! We love our photography and I look forward to finally getting a canvas of the incredible sunset photo.

DreamClip Films..Dominic Davis I am a huge fan of yours and you were at all the right places and times. Both the highlight film and the feature film are incredible. I still cry each time I watch them.

Wedding Corner Invitations....Debbie Fisher you are so creative and amazing...from the beautiful Oyster Wedding Invitations to all the beautiful wedding stationery that you how you pitched in to help with all our challenges!!!! I have so enjoyed sharing those beautiful pieces that you created with my clients as well as social media. You are such a blessing and amazing best friend.....I am so lucky to call you my best friend.

Barbara Anderson....thank you for all that you did as my Day of Wedding is hard to step in to what someone else has planned especially a planner. You took our ideas and went for it a year ago. Weather was our challenge and not our friend for a couple of hours but you found solutions and ones that created a beautiful wedding ceremony for Kasey and Curtis. I thank you, Chris Cronin and Crystal Robinson for all your hard work and support. I know this was a rough day for you and I thank you for being there for us.

Williamsburg Floral & Gifts...WOW....I cannot believe the amazing floral centerpieces, Kasey's bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and all the special touches everywhere that I turned. You know my love for flowers and linens and you far exceeded what we wanted. Allison LoCastro you are such an amazing friend....there was nothing you could do with the weather but everything was perfect from you running in and out of the went above and beyond for us!

Colonial DJs...Jeff my friend we have worked together, laughed and recommended each other for our 25 years. From the voice over, the photo booth and how you dazzled our guests on the dance ROCK!!!! Now you have a wedding that had a Hippo!!! Always a laugh and good time at my events!

Stage Right Lighting Weddings & Special Events...WOW, WOW and more WOW....I am one of your biggest fans and love lighting, GOBOs, draping and created all of that for Kasey and too @Jaramie Hobitzal for all your support and creativity on the draping, crystal chandeliers and oyster chandelier created by Beth Waller Smith. I am sorry that you lost a chandelier with the winds!!!!

Big Top Entertainment....the support you provided us with an awesome tent, to the rentals Daylee's Biscuit Bar and the special touch of her us adding air conditioning at the very last moment. Matt Beavers you are such an amazing guy...Big Top and myself are so very lucky to have you in our lives. You stuck with us through all the weather challenges making things perfect. Thank you so much! You went above and beyond.

The Oyster Farm: Tiffany you and I had worked together in the past on different weddings. When Kasey wanted the Coastal Wedding I called you once they were engaged. We were on vacation in the Outer Banks and I called you from our rental. We came back to Williamsburg on Saturday and drove to Cape Charles the same day for them to see what a beautiful venue you have. We dined in the restaurant and they were positive that is were they wanted to get married. You and your staff were amazing.

Kim Wadsworth....everyone was beautiful with hair and make-up. Thank you for staying with us throughout the storm....touching up all the girls and me...thank you for your support when the sky feel apart!

Yolanda are an amazing hair stylist...I loved Kasey's hair and were incredible when I asked to add my mom and mother-in-law...they looked beautiful...

Incredible Edibles Bakery...the wedding cakes were stunning and the Gelato Cart was a big hit.

Ken Lane...I am one of your biggest fans but a year ago August 18th you too went above and beyond. You stayed to get us through the storm and then you provided the most entertaining and moving wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ceremony. Family and friends are still talking about how amazing you were and the ceremony!

Tidewater Tour Transportation...your vehicle was beautiful and we had awesome driver....

Chic Unique Vintage Rentals & Events...we were so thrilled with the vintage pieces

Studio I Do Bridals Virginia Beach....Ashley Kimberl McAchran you were kind and incredible with Kasey when she chose her dress...many fittings and then on Saturday she was the most amazing women in a beautiful gown, gorgeous hair and make-up...our little girl was all grown!!!! Now we have to get it cleaned and preserved...we are a year late but she wants to try the dress on one more time!!!

Thank you all so much for everything...Debbie Fisher, Beth Waller Smith, Crystal Robinson Chris Cronin and Barbara Anderson for the amazing team that worked with incredible wedding industry professionals and friends. The wedding was perfect and gorgeous ...our friends and family had a wonderful time.

Our beautiful little girl who is always giving and providing happiness to all that are around her has grown up to be an amazing women who has married an amazing guy Curtis Schneider...the Coronel's and Judkins are so happy to have you a part of our family. Welcome to our crazy fun family!!!! Not only did we gain Curtis but we gain the Schneider's into our family!

Happy 1st Anniversary Kasey Schneider and Curtis Schneider we love you! This amazing team (village) created the perfect wedding for Kasey and Curtis and for that thank you from the bottom of our hearts year later!!!!

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